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Putting Your Oxygen Mask On First

  • Workday 600-1515 Douglas Street Victoria Canada (map)
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As the people person for your company or organization, you can often carry a lot of unexpected emotional weight. Your team may come to you to discuss their stress, conflicts and traumas. But once they’ve shared all of this, how do you prevent yourself from taking on their issues and adding them to your own?

Dr. Jillian Roberts is a psychologist, author and professor with over 20 years experience in clinical practice. She knows exactly what it’s like to hear, empathize with and even hold onto the worries, stress and traumas of others. In this talk she will share her strategies for putting your “oxygen mask” on first, so you can help support your team without sacrificing your own mental and physical health.

This talk will include a Q&A session. Questions can be asked at the event, or emailed in advance to be asked anonymously.

Lunch will be provided, courtesy of FamilySparks.

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